Colegio Séneca S.C.A. Spain Andalucía Córdoba

Colegio Seneca was founded in 1982 in Córdoba (Spain) and today it has about 700 students and a teaching staff of 50, ranging students from 3 to 16 years. So we include Nursery, Primary and Secondary education, as well as Support and Integration Classroom. The school fosters diversity in education and tries to educate solidarity and environmentally respectful people with a high critical capacity, teamwork and compromise with innovation. These are our essential values.

The school has a dynamic spirit and we are involved in multiple plans and projects: Bilingualism: This project started 8 years ago. In pre-primary there are 3 hours of English. In Primary the areas of Social and Natural Science are two subjects taught in English. In Secondary the areas of History and Geography, Arts and Music are the subjects taught in English. Eco-school: The school was awarded with the Green Flag by the regional government three years ago. This prize recognised the efforts related to transversal implication with the environment. The community always tries to include environmental activities, topics together with the educational project. Entrepreneurship: It is a methodology that has recently become crucial. This idea is worked by means of global projects or attached to subjects in the class field. Sport is
a very important issue in the school and they canalize it through the club Decorseneca, with sections in handball, indoor football, basketball, gymnastics. The school follows the standards of quality of the European System UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, first certified in 2007-08 and extended every year. Since that date, it is committed to be successful in the annual revision of all the teaching and learning procedures, as well as those related to the improvement of our Cooperative, so it is exposed to annual audits. Colegio Séneca is a member of ACES (Andalusian Social Economy Schools Association), which includes more than 100 schools in the region. Since 2016, ACES gave us the Seal of Educative Excellence, which acknowledges the quality in the management of the centre, offering families guaranteed services.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

In 2019 the project Superhero was awarded as the Best Educational Project in Spain by the Princess of Girona Foundation, developing the entrepreneurial talent of our pupils and involving all the educational community, but also families and neighbors. Superhero was focused on the human values and the inner individual potential (the hero inside me) and the personal relationships (the human aside). Emotions and values: The school follows a program of social emotional learning which includes students from the very first stages (3 years) up to Secondary School, reinforcing the holistic approach of its educational model. In addition, the staff participates regularly in Emotional Intelligence and soft skills training. At European level, the school is participating in two KA229 and an innovation KA201 about Dyscalculia and
Maths Anxiety, apart from being active in interchanges with other schools across Europe and languages experiences in the UK.

PROJECT MANAGER: José Carlos León: Coach, facilitator and coordinator of formative events, he has a large experience training teams, persons and organizations using Emotional Intelligence tools. With a degree in English Philology, he is fluent in English, French and Italian. He has been tutor in the Master of Coaching of the University CEU San Pablo and facilitator in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has also a solid experience as European project manager, developing and implementing funded projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, leadership, and the application of coaching and emotional intelligence to different topics.

TEACHERS (project experts): Juan Antonio Luque Corriente: English teacher at Séneca School.Currently bilingual coordinator in the school. He has been in this position since the introduction of bilingualism in Séneca School. He has a degree in Primary Education (English language) and a degree in English Philology. He has been coordinating the group for Erasmus+ projects and the Erasmus+ grants. Pedro Heredia Pinto English teacher at SCA Séneca School, has studies in Elementary school English and French as foreign languages teaching. He is certificated as an Advanced (C1) English speaker by Cambridge University. He has five years’ experience as a member of the bilingual program at SCA Séneca School, teaching both Natural and Social Sciences at Secondary stages.

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